"The Teapot, Spoon and Blueberries" 46x71cm, 2022
"On the Sunny Afternoon with a Watermelon" 61X81CM, 2023
"A Sunday Morning with Wild Apples" 66X81CM, 2023
"The Sunny Evening with a Snap Melon" 61X81CM, 2023
"The Breakfast with a Watermelon on the Sunny Morning" 66X51CM, 2023
"The Breakfast with a Melon" 51X66CM, 2023
"The Sunny Morning with Blueberries" 51X66CM, 2023
"Morning Still Life with Four Lemons" 61X81CM, 2023
"The Jug and Two Bottles" 66X51CM, 2023
"The Bottle and Two Apples" 61X91CM, 2023
"On a Sunny Evening with a Basket, Bottle and Blueberries" 61X81CM, 2023
"Summer Heat with Wild Apples" 71X51CM, 2023
"The Sunny Morning with the Bunch of Grapes" 61X81CM, 2023
"A Sunny Breakfast with the Pomegranate" 61CMX81CM, 2023
"The Teapot and Blueberries on a Saturday Morning" 46X61CM, 2023
"A Warm Sunny Evening with Vine and a Melon" 61X81CM, 2023
"The Corn on the Cob Cream Jug and Shadow" 66X51CM, 2023
"The Cream Jug and Blueberries on the Sunny Day" 46X61CM, 2023
"The Metal Mug Snap Melon and Sunlight" 51X66CM, 2023
"Gloomy Sunday Morning acrylic on canvas" 46X61CM, 2023
"Apples on The Garden Table" 51X66CM, 2023
"The Metal Mug and Pomegranates" 46X61CM, 2023
Still Life With Slice Of Bread 46X61cm 2022
"Two Melons" 81x61CM, 2022
"Still Life With Slice Of Bread And Wild Apples" 61X46CM, 2022
"Two oranges" 51X41CM, 2022
"The Green Pear in the Morning" 61X46CM, 2022
"The Bunch Of Grapes" 51X41CM, 2022
"The Pomegranate" 61X91CM, 2022
"Two Lemons" 81X61CM, 2022
"Tomatoes Cherry Vine" 46X61CM, 2022
"Raspeberries" 41X51CM, 2021
"Jug Slice of Bread And Spoon" 45x61cm, 2022
Blueberries 41_51cm 2022
"Lilac Roses" 61X81CM, 2022
"The Window" 66CMX51CM, 2022
"The Melon" 61X81CM, 2022
"Last Rays of the Sun" 81X61CM, 2023
"The Jug and Apples on a White Table"61X81CM, 2023
"A Warm Summer Evening with Wild Dried Apples and a Cone" 51X66CM, 2023
"The Inkwell and Teapot" 46X61CM, 2023
"The Sunny Morning with Melon" 51X66CM, 2023
"Sunlight and Shadows with Pumpkin" 81X56CM, 2023
"The Morning with Cranberries" 51CMX66CM, 2023
"Sweet Melons" 61X46CM, 2023
"White Table and Sunlight" 46X61CM, 2023