"Still Life With Old Bottle" 56x41cm, 2023
"Grapes And Lemon" acrylic on canvas 81X61CM, 2023
"Apples and Pears" 81x61 CM, 2023
"The Jug And Bottle" 61X46CM, 2023
"Teapot Spoon Slice of Bread and Pear" 46x61cm, 2022
"Blueberries and Spoon" 31X41CM, 2022
"Still Life With Slice of Bread and Wild Apples", 2022
"Raspberries on bright sunny morning" 61X46CM, 2023
"Wild Apples On The Table" 60X50CM, 2023
"Cantaloupe Melons" 81X61CM, 2023
"Two Cantaloupe Melons" 66X51CM, 2023
"The Empty Glass And Blueberries" 66X51CM, 2023
"The Bottle And Pears" 66X51CM, 2023
"Still Life With Dried Wild Apples" 66X51CM, 2023
"Jug Аnd Аpples" 51X66CM, 2023
"The Pot, Spoon And Leaf" 66X51CM, 2023
"Morning Berries" 66X51CM, 2023
"The Afternoon With Blueberries" 61X46CM, 2023
"The Sunset In The Backyard" 81X66CM, 2023
"Two Teapots" 81X61CM, 2023
"Sunny Day With Blueberries" 66X51CM, 2023
"Wild Apples and a Slice Of Bread" 61X46CM, 2023
"The Summer Evening With Blueberries" 61X81CM, 2023
"The Jug and Three Apples" 81X61CM, 2023
"Ink Pot Teapot and Seven Blueberries" 61X46CM, 2023
"The Watering Can and Two Apples" 51X66CM, 2023
"The Teapot and Chili peppers" 51X66CM, 2023
"A Summer Afternoon with Wild Apples" 51X71CM, 2023
"The Morning With Strawberries" 51X66CM, 2023
"The Teapot and Lemons" 46X61CM, 2023