"Garden Table on a Sunny Morning" 61X81CM, 2023
"Strawberries on a White Table" 41X30CM, 2023
"The Metal Mug Bunch of Grapes and the Sun" 51X66CM, 2023
"The Morning With Raspberries" 61X46CM, 2023
"The Teapot and Apples" 81X61CM, 2023
"The Blueberry Breakfast" 39.5X36CM, 2023
"Still Life with Poppy Seed Heads" 51x66cm, 2023
"The Morning Table with Blueberries" 41CMX51CM, 2023
"Apples in the Garden" 81X56CM, 2023
"The Kitchen Table on One Sunny Morning" 51X66CM, 2023
"The Teapot and Blueberries" 61X41CM, 2023
"The Pumpkin in the Garden" 81X56CM, 2023